Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

I Love Me!

I love hearts! So that means, I adore Valentine’s Day for what it stands for, Love!

Lately, I have been thinking that even though it’s wonderful to love others, it’s essential to love ourselves first. Why, you ask? The only way we can love others authentically is to love who we are completely. Connecting with our soul and embracing Spirit is how we develop a strong sense of self. Coming from a place of unconditional love for ourselves is what brings out all those amazing qualities that we bring into our world. When we feel that we are valued, beautiful, enough, that’s when we are at our best.


Consistent with this thinking, here is an excerpt from Barbara King’s (2013) Be Delicious Now: Fashion Secrets:

“Wake up every morning; look in the mirror and say, “I’m beautiful.”   Repeating this everyday will help bring confidence to the surface and build self-esteem. Put yourself first. (I know this is hard, but you have to do it). Breathe and be aware of the world around you. You are never stupid or worthless. You have the power to accomplish anything you put your mind to. Be grateful every day. Have positive energy to bring more good energy to you. Be a believer in yourself. Do not say negative things about yourself. Surround yourself with positive people. Take time to reflect on the good things in your life.

Find a place that makes you feel good. For example, a church, park or pool. Buy something for yourself that will make you feel pretty. Stop being negative about the small things. Remember, you were born in the world for something. You are perfect just the way you are. Ignore judgment by others. Don’t try and change other people. It will eliminate fights and   stress. Come up with different affirmations to repeat out loud to yourself. Believe in yourself. Remember to say “thank you.”

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