4 Secrets To Up-Level Your Style

4 Secrets To Up-Level Your Style


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Style is so much more than fashion. People confuse these two terms all the time. Let’s take a look at what the difference is before we continue with this discussion.

First let’s look at what fashion really means: “a current (constantly changing) trend favored or frivolous rather than practical, logical or intellectual reason; popular trends”

Now let’s see what’s the definition of style: “a manner of doing or presenting things especially a fashionable one; flair, grace”

Let’s start by saying that how you show up determines how you will be judged within the first 30 seconds. There are 4 secrets to elevating your style and achieving your goals to uplevel your life.

1 :: Fit

One of the most important things to integrate into your wardrobe is a professional tailor that makes your clothes flatter your body. No matter how expensive or inexpensive your clothes are, the better they fit, the more put together you will look.

2 :: Attitude

It’s very important to know what your style is so you can feel confident and authentic. When what we are wearing feels good from the inside out then we can be who we are meant to be in the first place. It will improve your posture and make you feel like you command your space in the world.

3 :: Accessories

These are the icing on the cake! Choosing the right accessories to match your body shape, face shape, and outfit will make you stand out everywhere you go. For me, part of this secret includes your, teeth, skincare, hair, makeup, nails and brows. This will give you a more polished and put together look.

4 :: Mindset

How you feel about yourself is how others see you. If you love yourself and live a life of joy and gratitude you will reflect that to others and attract positive people to your life. So you can always look stylish and put together while feeling radiant and happy.

I call these Four Secrets the Total Package to up-leveling your life!

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