Accessorizing the Little Black Dress

Accessorizing the Little Black Dress

Mini series: The Little Black Dress Essential to any Wardrobe!

By: MiniMoons

The little black dress is the Ultimate Accessory because the outfit can be dressed up or down with the least amount of effort. As long as it has a great fit, beautiful material and its simple and sophisticated you will always look and feel put together. All you need is a variety of accessories to go from day to evening.

So what accessories do you in your closet? First of all ( my favorite ) jewelry, hand bags, shoes, shawls, coats, belts, short jackets and long jackets ( depending on your taste) hairbands, tights, glasses and sunglasses. Oh how divine, with just a few basic pieces in your wardrobe you can create lots of different outfits.

Below, you will find my dear Ceecee modeling some beautiful accessories  from my stash 🙂

An imported shawl from the Middle East with hand-made beading and beautiful leopard print accents enhances the appearance. This beautiful accessory can be used as a head piece, shawl, wrap around, or even a piece to decorate the home.

Little Black Dress Series 1

Gorgeous Swarovski jewelry updates any little black dress already in your closet. Our model Ceecee is wearing Touchstone Crystal jewelry in gold tones. Florentine-patterned matte gold-plated disc accented in crystal Swarovski necklace is the Cartona and the long Golden Treasure necklace is a delicate and versatile piece every fashionista should own. Starlight oval bracelets comes in three color options: Rhodium, Rose Gold, and Gold.

Well there you have it! That’s all for now. Stay tune for many more yummy ideas to update and bring luxury to your life.

Love ya!


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