Top 10 Jewlery Tips and Trends

Top 10 Jewlery Tips and Trends

1. Layering is the hallmark of effortless style! Rather than adding bulk with clothing layers, add beauty by layering your jewelry.

2. Layer a thin necklace as the longer piece, and a heavier style or pendant as the shorter. This lengthens the body visually and provides interest as the bigger piece becomes the focal point.

3. Pair smaller necklaces with larger earrings and vice versa. Bracelets should match size and scale of earrings or necklace.

4. Smaller pieces of jewelry tend to get lost on larger frames. Larger pieces tend to overwhelm petite frames. If you are petite, but prefer larger jewelry, those that appear lighter and more delicate are the best option.

5. To minimize a full bust line, choose oversized or dangly earrings and necklaces that fall above the chest.

6. Go for vertical jewelry to elongate a fuller neck and frame. Choose cascading styles or down-facing beads.

7. To draw attention away from upper arms, wear large cuff bracelets or stack several daintier bracelets and large cocktail rings

8. To create the illusion of an hourglass shape, choose larger necklaces to balance hips and shoulders.

9. Finish an outfit by bringing the color of your lower garment up to your face with jewelry or a scarf.

10. No accessories present an unfinished look.

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