French Tips for Gorgeous Skin at Any Age!

French Tips for Gorgeous Skin at Any Age!

French Tips for Gorgeous Skin at Any Age!

“The French girl unequivocally owns her own life and her own body.
And she takes care of BOTH.”

This is borrowed from a great light and cheerful little book called Entre Nous, A Women’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl. And here are some tips courtesy of Votre Vu on how you too can do just that~

Give your face basic care every morning and night
 This is as routine as breathing for the French.
 Wash at night to cleanse away the make-up, dirt and oils from the day then tone to balance your complexion’s natural sebum production and to stabilize it from over/under production, and then apply the proper sérums as a super vitamin, sinking deeply into your resting pores.
 A complexion specific night crème will cover that sérum, keeping it focused on restoring as the moisturizer lovingly cares for your skin.
 Toning in the morning is the best way to create a balanced blank slate. Followed by the product regimen best suited to your skin type.
 Votre Vu provides you with specific cleansers, tonics, sérums and crèmes dedicated to various skin types. You can choose from the Full Benefits line for more mature skin, Best Regards line if you are blessed with normal skin, and Peau Équilibrée or Attentive lines for skin with special needs.

SPF Daily
 Please take seriously the health and safety benefits of sun filters and sun block.
 From a vanity standpoint, a creamy complexion of any shade is infinitely more alluring than a weathered, dehydrated, patchy and hyper-aged “tan” any day.
 Use a day crème with an SPF all year long – like Full Benefits which includes SPF 15.
 Protect the rest of you too with a sun block like Self Preservation.
 If you do want a safe sun-kissed glow, use a moisturizing self tanner like Self Preservation’s Self Tanner for face and body.
 Then keep your skin supple, glowing and healthy with a daily drench of Amour D’Ore vitamin oil!

Choose carefully and moisturize with intention
 All crèmes are not created equal. A good facial crème not only leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft it actually protects from the elements.
 A daily moisturizer will protect and defend from the ravages of sun, wind, dry and/or forced air, smoke and other air pollutants while keeping skin hydrated and balanced.
 A dedicated night crème is different than a day crème and is designed to restore and repair while nourishing your skin to be as supple and stable as possible.
 And there will be those days when something additional is needed to fend off the repercussions of conditions beyond your control – Tragic Magic is one such specialty crème perfect for those occasions. Voila!

Embrace the importance of a diet high in water and antioxidants
 Eat and drink like our European friends to keep your body running well and looking well.
 Highly caffeinated beverages, in particular, actually cause the body to lose water. Fresh fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, contain plenty of water and can help with hydration.
 Dehydration shows up in the complexion almost immediately…drink yourself pretty with a beauty beverage like SnapDragon.
 Antioxidants found in a variety of veggies and fruits can help restore your cells to the point of renewed youthful vitality and strength. You can actually fortify your skin from within.
 Plus, the fact that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of and prevent a number of serious illnesses and health problems, such as cancer, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is more than a just a mere advantage in aging well.
 The majority of fruits and vegetables are filling without containing unhealthy fats or cholesterol and are very low in calories, all of which will prevent us from piling on the pounds which can compromise our health as well.
 If you generally do not eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and are finding it difficult to add a few more portions to your daily diet, here are a few ideas to start you off just like a Francophile:
   o Start the day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.
   o Add sliced banana, strawberries, or kiwi to your breakfast cereal.
   o Add lettuce, sliced tomato, cucumber and onion to sandwiches.
   o Add diced red, orange and green pepper to tuna salad.
   o Choose dried fruit snacks over crackers or chocolate.
   o Choose healthy dips with vegetable crudités over unhealthy snacks.
   o Make healthy homemade vegetable soups for lunch or dinner, French women eat leek soup regularly to stay slim.
   o Always have a side salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onion with your meal and try to eat two or three different vegetables with your main meal.
   o Have a fruit salad for dessert.
   o Substitute natural energy drinks like SnapDragon for those laden with sugar, chemicals and caffeine.

Exfoliate with a gentle scrub or fruit acid peel
 The French women are taught early to respect the health of their skin by being gentle and attentive to it always. Avoid the harsh chemicals that are so prevalent in many products.
 Products like Nouveau Glow Renewing Fruit Acid Peel and Royal Treatment Gentle Pearls Scrub are kind to your skin yet highly effective must-haves for keeping their complexion glowing radiantly and breathing well.

Get eight hours or more of sleep each night
 When we sleep, we must provide ourselves enough time to cycle thru the deepest stages of sleep. This is how you will get the most out of your skin care sérums, and the most beneficial results for your internal systems too.
 Medical studies show that at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night should be the goal to allow our bodies to recharge and stay healthy.
 The French, and Europeans in general, work hard but have shorter work weeks; they play hard but know the value of rest and make sure they get it!

Use products that have a high percentage of natural power ingredients
 The French seek out high percentage, high quality and highly decadent skin care products. Beautifully aromatic, natural botanicals are sought out for their time-tested health and beauty benefits.
 Our French counterparts need fewer things, but they choose to have only the best…less clothing and shoes, but much higher quality….richer, darker chocolate, higher fat and self-indulgent foods, but eat less of them daily. Quality is always the goal; quality is the key to success in their lives and in their skin care.
 Choose products high in quality and quantity of powerful ingredients such as Les Sorbet – a unique frozen sérum which boasts 40% marine elastin and collagen.

Employ the power of products developed for special-need skin areas
 Around the eyes is one such area. The skin here is much more delicate and thinner than skin on the rest of your face. Treatments for the orbital area should take into account the delicate nature of the skin.
 Sweep eye make-up remover is très gentle and perfect for preparing the orbital area for further eye treatments like Tout Le Monde Antioxidant Eye Gelée, Luxee Yeux Eye Beauty Balm and SpécialEyes Intensive Eye Treatment eye products.
 It is also important to always use a light touch when applying such products around the eyes. There is less elastin here and the skin just will not bounce back from wear and tear like other areas of the body. Use your ring finger for eye crème application…it is the weakest finger on your hand.
 The neck area has different hormonal reactors than the face, and as a result, ages faster. It has fewer oil glands and skin is thicker, creating the necessity for a formula dedicated to refining the skin’s texture and reinforcing the tissue for a smoother appearance. Portrait Collar Restorative Neck Crème is one such product that addresses the unique needs of this area.
 And finally, the feet and hands will benefit substantially from specialized, intensive treatment such as Votre Vu’s Très Magni-feet Exfoliant and Crème Pour Les Pieds. Don’t neglect these areas!

Keep it moving
 Exercise, massage and product treatment will improve circulation and reduce congestion of lymph and water for smooth arms, legs and behinds.
 To aid in the preservation of youthful tautness and smooth limbs, manual manipulation or massage is vital to stimulate sluggish spots on the body. Thighs, the abdomen, as well as upper arms, can benefit greatly from a deep massaging with C’est La Vie slimming products.
 Beyond the circulation encouraging physical application, the essential ingredients in such products are custom blended to assist in better drainage of congested cells and ward off retention.
 Treat each “problem” area before the “problem” starts…be proactive instead of reactive…that is the French mantra for beauty and health.

Look in the mirror and see “yourself” as beautiful
 French females know one thing for sure…self confidence is infinitely sexy!
 Embrace what makes us unique and take care of it well.
 It is commonly believed that Americans are crazy for chasing perfection. The French find no charm or pride in perfection.
 Treat your skin properly with a base face set and then wear a bright pink lipstick alone…just because you can, you confident and charming thing!
 A quick spritz of À Votre Santé throughout the day can also bolster the cleanliness and overall vitality of your face and personality!

Resist the pressure to be someone you are not; instead, focus on fully developing who you are…this is the meaning of VOTRE VU! This is what we are based on and exactly how our laboratory operates…real quality, real ingredients, real formulations that stand the test of time. Votre Vu means Your You…We want to help you find your healthy beautiful center…and, if you smell divine from our sumptuous skin care…all the better!

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